Saving lives, one cup of tea at a time

Suicide is the leading cause of death among young Australians. More than car accidents or cancer.

Over 3,000 Australians die by suicide each year – that’s 8 people every day. More than 450 of these deaths are young people under the age of 25. For every suicide, there are 100 to 200 more attempts.

There's no doubt that mental ill-health is one of the monumental issues of our time. We hear about it in our own social circles, amongst our families and friends, in our workplaces and in the news. It's easy to feel overwhelmed and powerless to make a positive change. That's where MOOD comes in.

MOOD is not your average cup of tea. All profits from MOOD fund charity programs that help young people with their mental health. So not only can you benefit from the mood positive ingredients in our teas, but you can enjoy them knowing you are helping fight youth suicide with every cup. That's one worthwhile cup of tea.

It couldn't be simpler to help us fight youth suicide.

Simply fill out your details below and we'll send you some MOOD tea. Then if you like it and want to support this campaign, here's what you can do:

Post on your channels about the current state of mental health and suicide and how MOOD tea not only helps your mood with their mood positive ingredients but also how all proceeds go to fund youth mental health programs.

Include our campaign hashtag in your copy: #SipSelflessly

Thank you for helping us